The Fig Tree, A Garden Centerpiece

The fig tree is iconic in almost every culture and serves as a centerpiece for any garden. After a decade of growing and learninig, I've collected an array of fig cultivars from all over the world to provide the best fig varieties to everyone's home and garden.

About Phil's Figs

My love of fig trees is deeply rooted in my ancestry. Family roots on both sides have long histories in agriculture. With my father's side from central Italy, tales of my great grandparents fig trees always made their way to family gathings. After traveling to my family's native towns in the italian countryside with a best friend, I was introduced to my first fresh fig while staying with friends and family. My mind exploded. Constant attempts to wrap my head around the flavor and texture of a fresh fig caused a total reevalutation of what fruit meant to me and my palate. My journey for figs ensued. a 10 year passion project has now lauched into a full fledged nusery with a diverse collection of figs from around the world. Join in on fig journey and discover the oldest cultivated fruit in human history.

Phils Figs Gear

A stunning logo, simple colors, with all-around comfort. Whether it's out in the garden, or walking around town you'll be repping Phil's Figs.  This t-shirt features a crew neck, front lapel pocket with the iconic Phils Figs logo.  On the back of the shirt is a full size Phils Figs logo.  Comes in white with a colored logo of forest green and fig purple, and in charcoal with a lighter heather hue for the logo.  Comes in sizes S - XXL in unisex.  Thank you for your support!

Fig Growing Guides

See below for all content to help you root, grow, and care for fig trees!

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Step-By-Step Fig Cutting Rooting Guide